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Down The Hole Rock Drilling Tools (DTH Bits, DTH Hammers and DTH Drill Pipes)

dth - down the hole drill bits and hammers
Down the Hole Bits

Looking for Bits for your down the hole (DTH) drilling? International Driller's Supply carries the largest selection in North America. Each bit is uniquely designed to maximize penetration and increase flushing. Bits are available in a wide range of configurations and in sizes for all of your rock drilling needs.
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dth hole drilling hammers
Down the Hole Hammers

Combining advanced materials technology with skillful design focusing on performance, simplicity and endurance, our PUMA DTH (down the hole) hammers give high productivity, great reliability and low operating costs. Hammers are available industry standard shanks for greater product flexibility.

quality drilling drill rotary bits
Rotary Bits

International Driller's Supply carries several types of specially designed drilling tools that offer solutions to minimize hole deviation and optimize drilling patterns, including high quality rotary bits. Achieve superior drilling results, including improved hole straightness, superior energy transmission and higher drilling efficiency.

quality drilling drill rotary bits
International Driller's Supply

International Driller's Supply has been providing the drilling industry with dependable services and competitive pricing.
The capabilities of international driller's supply provides our customers with a complete drill string from the top adapter through the bottom drill bits.
Our continued efforts to meet the demands for quality and performance with ongoing technological inprovements that will assure our customers receive the highest quality product attainable in the drilling industry.