Rock Tools foryour top hammer drilling

Top Hammer Rock Drilling Tools

Our high quality top hammer rock drilling tools offer great versatility higher penetration rates, straighter holes, and longer bit life.

top hammer drill bits  
Top Hammer Bits

Production drilling is at the very heart of the mine so it's critical that every consideration is given to using products that supply high quality and high reliability. That is why International Driller's Supply only offers you the best quality bits by Sandvik and Mitsubishi.

top hammer drill steel rods  
Top Hammer Drill Steel Rods

Many factors influence the straightness of the drill hole; from rock / ore properties to power and set-up of the drill rig, and correct choice of the drilling tools. Demand only the highest quality drill steel rods.

top hammer drill couplings  
Top Hammer Couplings

International Driller's Supply is the largest dealer of rock drilling tools in North America. No matter what you are needing, chances are we have it. In addition to delivering to you, we have trucks that run routes in many states that cover many work sites. Contact us today for all of your coupling needs.

top hammer drill shank adapters  
Top Hammer Shank Adapters

While every component in the drill string is very important, the shank adapter must be engineered to transmit impact energy from the rock-drill piston, as well as rotation torque, into the drill string with no losses. You can count on International Driller's Supply to supply you with the most demanding shank adapters on the market today.

top hammer drilling drill parts  
Top Hammer Drill Parts

We carry many drill parts- everything that you need.

Please Contact Us today to discuss how we can get you your drill parts as quickly as possible.